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Presentation: Intercultural Design

What this is about

I was fortunate enough to be accepted to present on a topic of great interest to me: merging principles of intercultural communication with UX design.

During grad school, I’d done some work with sociolinguistics and discourse analysis in the context of intercultural communication. It was immediately evident to me that understanding these would help broaden designers’ skills of empathy when designing for other cultural groups.

For this presentation, I started by defining culture, principles of intercultural thinking, and some implications of designing/working interculturally.

From there, I mapped several intercultural thinkers’ work to tangible examples of designing for different cultures. For example, power distance between “superiors” (a company/government) and “subordinates” (citizens/consumers) can impact the information architecture of a site, in terms of how much information is made readily available to end users and how freely they’re able to navigate.

I closed with basic reminders to avoid making assumptions/”othering” others and to focus on similarities as well.

Presented at:

  • IxD – 2016 March 2 – Helsinki, Finland – 10 minute “lightning” talk
  • World IA Day – 2016 February 20 – Pittsburgh, PA – 30-minutes (IA-focused)
  • UXDC Conference – 2015 October 9 – Washington DC – 30 minutes
  • Web Design Day – 2015 June 12 – Pittsburgh, PA – 10 minute “lightning” talk
  • UXPA Boston – 2013 May 29 – Boston, MA – 30 minutes