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I’m a UX designer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. I work end-to-end across product experiences, from detailed interactions to systems and strategy, and I strive to advocate for people from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

UX work samples

Autodesk ReCap: disrupting the mental model

Identified a fundamental disconnect in our product’s design and intent, and drove a comprehensive, systemic redesign.

Autodesk ReCap: capturing the customer journey

Designed and facilitated a whiteboarding activity with customers at a major conference.

Autodesk Infraworks: sketching and creative wireframing

Visual artifacts I created to help me learn concepts around civil engineering and urban planning: sketches, comics, wireframes, and digital illustrations.

Convergence: visualizing patient health history

My work on a Windows 8 app for Microsoft Surface tablets. User research and facilitation, synthesis deliverable, wireframes, and UI screens.

JETAA Pittsburgh: generative research and facilitation

Using UX facilitation methods to run a brainstorming session for a Japanese cultural exchange nonprofit.

Conference presentations

Classical music + UX

Deriving lessons from classical music related to teamwork, problem-solving, making something your own, and more.

Intercultural Design

Applying insights from the discipline of intercultural communication to designing for international and culturally diverse audiences.

Side and passion projects:
Information design, graphic design, and illustration

Visualizing information spaces: Design Observer

A graduate school information design project, visualizing the dense masses of information across this website.

Information design self-portrait

A graduate school information design project: using the informational structure and linear flow of written music to tell my story.

JETAA Pittsburgh: logo and identity design

How I collaboratively redesigned the logo and identity for this Japanese cultural exchange organization.

Pirates of Dark Water: digital illustration

An exercise in detailed digital illustration.